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Real Estate Sales Broker Math Extended ExamReal Estate Sales Broker

Our Real Estate Sales Broker Exams include a large variety of professionally structured questions that will aid you in preparing for your sales broker exam.



Real Estate Sales Broker & Math Prep Bundled ExamReal Estate Sales Broker

Our bundled exam package includes a large variety of professionally stuctured questions that will aid you in preparing for your sales broker exam.

Some Topics Covered

  • Laws of Agency
  • Valuation and Market Analysis
  • Financing Real Estate
  • Transfer of Property
  • Real Estate Math
  • and much more...




Real Estate Sales Broker Prep ExamReal Estate Sales Broker

Our practice exam engine provides you with performance reports so you can see how you are doing in different areas, allowing you to take our practice exams choosing questions from the appropriate categories. Our practice exams will help you pass!



Get The Advantage

Get the Advantage with New York Real Estate Exams Online

Online access available 24/7 for your convenience so you can prep for your exam at your own time and pace. Instant access to hundreds of practice questions you'll need to pass your New York Real Estate Exam.


Get The Career

Get the Career with New York Real Estate Exams Online

We have developed real estate tests that are designed specifically to help you pass the New York Real Estate Board exam and become a top realtor. Each of our practice tests are carefully put together to simulate the test format and question content of the New York Real Estate Licensing Test.

Why should you choose New York Real Estate Exam Online?

We’re recognized leaders in real estate exam prep, but it’s our tireless dedication to quality that sets us apart.

Pass Your New York Real Estate Exam

New York is home to a very broad spectrum of real estate. Whether you are selling a small apartment in Manhattan or a large sunny house on an acreage in Buffalo, you will need your Real Estate Broker License to make it happen. We offer an exam prep package with thousands of real estate broker questions that are based off of the actual written examinations. Each year the content is reviewed for updates in legislation and best practice. We strive to provide the absolute best content available, and while we are no substitute for a licensed education provider, we are confident that you can and will pass after using our exams. That confidence is a guarantee we pass on to you. If you take our practice exams and score 80% three times in a row, but then fail the actual exam, we will happily refund your money. That being said, less than 1% of our customers have asked for a refund—a statistic we are quite proud of.

A great broker must be knowledgeable, friendly and professional. Purchasing this exam content today is not just a guarantee that you will pass the state exam, but it’s investing in the future of your customer’s happiness and your reputation.

New York Real Estate Exam Prep  

Our exam simulations contain more than 1,500 Real Estate Salesperson and Brokers Exam questions and answers for your state exam. You will have access to all the questions and answers that are currently used to study for the Real Estate Exams!.


The benefit of these study questions is two fold: once for getting your license, and at least once each 2-year term when you want to brush up on your knowledge. The Division of Licensing Services for New York requires that brokers and salespersons partake in continuing education each term to maintain their license. While our exams do not qualify for CE credit, your CE courses must be passed to count for credit, and that’s where we come in.

Besides brokers, the exam prep will also appeal to aspiring Licensed Real Estate Salespersons as well. A great deal of the salesperson education is identical to the content in the brokers course, and as such, our questions will challenge you to know your stuff for the actual exam.

Rather than limit the amount of questions you have access to, our products aim to best meet your study schedule. We offer one, three and six month access packages where you can customize exams using our entire exam bank until your purchased time runs out. By and far, our 3 month access package is most popular—offering the challenge to study hard, without rushing too quickly through the question bank. At any time during your access, you can review your written exams, question by question and see explanations and references to each one. You can also gauge your performance using our historical analysis tool, which will allow you to focus your time on the subjects that need it the most.